Edlaina Selman

Licensed Esthetician, RDA





  "Your hands are like magic..." can be the best compliment an esthetician can have.  Edlaina Selman, LE, RDA;  has been working in dentistry for the past 24 years.  She decided to expand her knowledge and education of skincare, to help people feel good about themselves, and to be confident enough to glance in the mirror. 

     Her professionalism and gentleness in the dental field has helped her understand the client's wants and needs.  Everyone wants Clearer skin, youthfullness, that is healthy and glowing.  They also want a clean and sterile environment, as well as the newest technology.

     Edlaina resides in West Hills, Ca.  An original valley girl.  She has been married for 25 years, and has two amazing older children. She has graduated from the Academy for Salon Professionals, and passed the licensure for Esthetician in California.  People are attracted to her truly caring, and sweet personality. Along with her kind and warm heart, she will make every experience feel like a new begining.