"Edlaina is incredible!  I am very picky about facials, and how my skin looks.  I am in front of the camera, and my skin looks flawless.  I receive compliments daily.  Also my teeth are sparkling!"       Lisa Evans, Actress ,  Canoga Park   

     "I am all about cleanliness. Being in the dental field, I can rest assured, that she is using OSHA standards.  I hate breaking out after a facial because of unclean practices.  The light is amaizng, I don't leave red.  And I glow.  My skin gets noticed everyday.  People don't realize that the skin is our largest organ, and it takes special care to keep it looking fresh and glowing.   Plus I just turned 40!  Most people think I am 29! "

                       Erin Kinne, Registered Dental Hygienist,  Wife & Mother,Lake Balboa, CA


     "I love getting facials.  Especially when I can get away for awhile from 2 active beautiful children.  I feel like I am on vacation on a tropical island at Edlaina's Oasis, (thats what I like to call it).  My skin has suffered sun damage, acne, and now ageing.   Thank goodness I can get it all done in one spot with the newest natural techniques, that are non-surgical.  My favorite part is the the foot massage .   Highly recommend !! 

                                  Sabrina Golden, Radiation Therapist

                       and mother of 2.  West Hills, Ca


     "I am so proud of my daughter, so this review is a little biased.  She gave my first facial in 40 years. I am now 75.   Wow, what a difference.  I loved the smell of the Margarita facial cocktail.  It left my skin tighter, and firmer that I knew was possible.  She even removed my black heads, which I thought was impossible to remove. She even helped me onto the massage table.  Love her of course. "

      Revelle Solovay,  retired, Mother of 4 and proud  Grandma  to 6 kids.   


      "Thats the truth, I am chasing beauty allright!  There is no time machine, yet.. so I have to make the best of what I have.  And Edlaina makes that happen.  Too bad her cocktails are not editable.  Smell like heaven. Her touch is so precise, and takes years off my face.  In fact I get hit on by men half my age!!  Thats ok with me.  Keep it comming.  Boosts my confidence!!  Now what to come in for next ..hmm......"

Lucille Anonymous